Student WOrk

Here are a few handful of my favorite pieces from Miami Ad School.

American Express

Awards & Recognition: ADDY District 2 (Gold), ADDY New York (Silver), ADDY Miami (Silver), Ad of Da Month

This gatefold spread demonstrates the buying power of an Amex Black Card.


Amazon Prime's service is so instant and reliable, it's almost like magic.

Amazon Prime.jpeg


Kien Quan (CW/AD)

F The Hype.png

Ever since the 90’s, FILA’s brand value has fallen in the competitive street-wear market while brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Jordan have risen to the top. As the competitors have been capitalizing on the overrated trends in the hypebeast market, FILA has always stayed true to their style. In "F the hype," FILA's new image will represent the anti-hypebeast. 




Overnight, FILA will paint a statement amongst their competitors. This will spark a buzz-worthy conversation among hypebeasts.


Camping out at a store for is one activity that every hypebeast has done. When a large drop occurs, FILA will intercept the drop with a message through a light projector.


FILA will promote its latest seasonal line in urban shopping areas.

Product / Experiential 

Stickers will be handed out to customers to create their own "statements."



Kien Quan (CW/AD), Kazunori Shiina (AD)

Role: Concept, Scriptwriting, Design, Videography, Animation, Acting

It’s difficult for dog owners to travel with their companions. The biggest factor is finding a place to stay. Businesses continue to view dogs as a nuisance even though their owners consider them to be a member of the family. So let’s bring dog-friendly travel to the forefront of Airbnb.


Kien Quan (CW/AD), Myeongseok Cheon (AD)

Role: Concept, Scriptwriting, Product Design / Production, Videography

The Paper Record.jpeg


Kien Quan (CW/AD), Kazunori Shiina (AD), Brendan Irving (CW)

Role: Concept, Scriptwriting, Design, Videography, Photography, Animation, Acting



Spotify creates a music video that automatically combines UGC of different dance moves.