The Content Lab


Founded Under 360i (NYC) // Role: Ideation, Production Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography, Videography, Design, Animation, Mentorship


Peter Wood (Group Lead), Kien Quan (CW/AD/Production), Phillip Cho (CD), Doug Tetreu (AD), Alex Moreno (AD), Michael Zimmerman (CW), Roger Lussier (CW), Tim Greene (CW), Yuji Yang (AD), Katie Mann (Producer), Lexi Strahl (CW), John Kim (CW), Ginine Gordon (AD), Aostelda Logan (CW), Tara Iannotti (AD), Jaeyoung Jang (AD), Kelly Bray (Animation), Angela Kim (AD), Ivan Gonzalez (ACD)


Oreo, MINI, Nespresso, Poland Spring San Pellegrino, San Pellegrino Fruit, Perrier, Western Union, Champion, Hanes, 20th Century Fox, 7-11, Game of Thrones, HBO, USA and Subway.


As demands in the ad industry are drastically changing, the only way to thrive is to adapt to the times. The Content Lab was created as a response by merging the traditional advertising model with production into one entity. Along with ideation and production, my role in The Content Lab was to use my expertise as an influencer/creator to define the blueprint of the program. As a result, our team has grown three times the original size–winning many clients by cutting unnecessary overhead costs and delivering work at blazing speeds.